waftSITE Designs for HOTELS

waftSITE is a cloud-based platform to create mobile websites.

An apt representation of your brand on the mobile is an operational Imperative for businesses. A website, that reflects the Company’s services in a distinctive way, is key for Healthy Businesses in the Hospitality Industry. We understand the importance of an Exclusive Mobile Website for Businesses in the Hospitality Industry and have spun out our exclusive Web Design and Development Unit - waftSITE.

waftSITE is a one-stop-shop for hotels to improve their visibility, increase booking conversions and online revenues through their mobile websites.

What are Standard Templates?

A ready-made set of simple and standard designs that can be easily customized to accommodate content specific to your business.
These templates provide for a comfortable user browsing experience on all mobiles and are good for marking your online mobile presence.
Standard templates are an ideal choice when you are not seeking exclusivity and exceptional designs.

What are Premium Templates?

High quality templates that add sophistication and elegance to your mobile online presence. We will customize these templates for you and you can rest assured that these mobile website templates will be an excellent representation of your business. Premium templates are a GREAT choice when you want to enhance and improve your brand – finally it is not just about being visible on the mobile platform- it is essentially about getting noted wherever your business is visible!

What are Custom templates?

Cannot find a mobile website template from among our templates or you just want a mobile website design that is totally exceptional and unique to your business/brand?
We can provide a solution to all your needs! Get in touch with us with your mobile website design and development needs – we will design, develop and deliver a mobile website that will leave you totally satisfied!

Other Features for your mobile website

  • Booking Engine Solution *coming soon
  • Deals Management *coming soon
  • Mobile Website Statistics *coming soon