• Exponentially Increased in Mobile Usability

    As of 2012 there are 5.9 billion mobile subscribers (that's 87 percent of the world population). 1.2 Billion of these users access the net on their mobiles.

  • Capture and increase Isolated Customer-base

    Many mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web.

  • Rapid Increase in Brand Access Points

    Over 85% of the new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Almost 1 in 5 global mobile subscribers have access to fast mobile Internet.

  • Increased Visibility through Mobile Searches

    Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, for many items one in seven searches are now mobile.

  • Mobile Website Vs Desktop Website

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