Why waftSITE?

Exclusive yet Practical Designs

We specialize in providing Minimalist Excellence for Mobile Designs. We understand mobile users and the flexibility of usage that they require while using a large spectrum of mobile devices that come in various sizes and with different Operating Systems that support a variety of mobile browsers.

Our niche is in bringing together sophisticated, customized and nouveau mobile website design with state of the art technology that allows easy customization, content management, booking engine facilities, deal configuration and propagation facilities, etc.


Websites that are compatible with all mobile devices. We understand that you have a wide variety of users, using a wide variety of mobile devices. Ensuring that mobile browser compatibility is a serious task that we undertake.


A wide range of high quality templates in a wide range of colors! Along with this we also offer services to custom build your mobile web image. We leave no stone unturned while helping you with building a mobile website that matches all your requirements.  We combine our design skills with the amazing ability to adhere to the latest technologies to create the most dynamic and prompt digital marketing tools. Alongside to the best, creative and innovative mobile designing, development and management abilities we also provide easy to use UI for mobile users, irrespective of which mobile device they are using.

Dynamic Booking Engine

With the GREAT Mobile web access, the best way to channelize the mobile market is to capture business on the fly.  We provide an easy to use and totally secure Booking Engine Facility to Mobile Phones.

  • Paying by mobile i.e. the potential form-payments will grow from US$240 billion to over US$1 trillion by 2015.
  • Shopping on the mobile Web, i.e. m-commerce will reach US$119 billion in 2015

Content Management – Anytime, Anywhere

A software-as-a service that allows you to define, publish and manage your own content on your mobile website. We enable you by removing your dependencies on your mobile website designer and developer for your content management. Our Cloud-based content management keeps your mobile marketing channels up-to-date.
Stay ahead of your business with the right content at the right time.

Dynamic Deals Configuration and Propagation

Get your business truly mobile by dynamically propagating deals, discounts and offers to your mobile website. Now all your selling strategies can truly take wings with you requiring just 60 seconds to configure and publish deals on your mobile website.
With our cloud-based Dynamic Deal propagation application, you can keep your mobile website updated with all your currently available deals and discounts.

Push and Pull your Digital Marketing

Create, Entice and Engage! Be seen, be found and let your consumers experience the power and the potential of your business! We will hel you define your Digital marketing channel, so that you can do the one thing you want to do the most – SELL WELL!!!